Mud run trainers never sleep

If you're a race fan, there's a lot to catch your attention in the coming months...


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Requiem for an MMA fighter

The path to greatness in the world of mixed martial arts is fraught with our Self Defense Training...


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Think you know your Survival skills?

There's more to having a closet full of supplies. Prepare for the inevitable...


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Local teams

Customize your coverage so that all your local teams are represented...

Win your race

Our resident racing expert shows you the quickest way to bragging rights...

About Us


Spring training

Think you know what goes on when 5K Mud Run spring training races are in the books...


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Our Mission:

Success Public Relations was founded over seven years ago with a single goal, and that was to shake up the existing sports journalism franchise with fresh viewpoints, new writers, and reader-focused pieces that illuminate the triumph and tragedy that unfolds daily in the Marathon Runners, Mud Runners, and 5K Races. If all the world's a stage, then the theater of sports must be acknowledged as the highest art--improvised and unscripted, in the moment, and revealing its own versions of universal archetypes and Greek tragedy and comedy-worthy foes, heroes, and storylines.


We're always looking for new and interesting writers. If you'd like to write for us, please send us a short story or other suitable piece of writing for our consideration. Thank you.


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Organizer of Patriot Day Race Saratoga Springs NY, and NYC NY

We have developed our Patriot Day Races including our 5K Run, and Super Heroes Races to celebrate our country's liberty and to honor those who have fallen to guarantee our freedom.